Need A Smartphone Upgrade? 4 Things To Consider

Choosing a new smartphone, unless you are a diehard Apple user can be difficult. With so many flooding the market from Chinese made Huawei to the Google Pixel and the latest from Samsung there are so many different things to consider. The main question that you need to ask yourself when selecting a phone is what your primary use for it will be. These four points will help you choose the right phone for you and ask the questions you need to before you make a big purchase.

The Camera

Not all phone cameras are built the same. Graphics have long been what Apple iPhones are known for both with the forward facing camera and the back facing one. The higher the pixel count the crisper the image. If you use your phone to take a lot of photos then you will want one that has good imaging capabilities. Obviously, the iPhone XS is a go-to but the Huawei P30 is now considered to be the best with a 40 megapixel back camera and a 20-megapixel front camera.

Need A Smartphone Upgrade? 4 Things To Consider

An Unlocked Smartphone

Most smartphones come attached to a lengthy contract with a service provider for a year or two. If you travel a lot having a phone that is locked in with a company can be a major nuisance. You cannot put another SIM card in and use the phone whereas if you buy the smartphone outright it may be expensive at the time but ultimately will most likely end up saving you money as you can find a plan that best suits your needs. Also, some phones come with dual SIM cards so you can keep your home number active while using a local one when you are abroad. Some of the best dual SIM phones at the OnePlus 7 pro and the Xiaomi Mi which are also a lot more affordable than anything with Apple on it.

Timing Is Everything

You may think buying a phone as soon as it is released is the best way to get the latest technology and sure to a certain extent it is. But if a smartphone is the first of its line it usually means that there are a few bugs that still need to be worked out and any technical issues that didn’t arise during testing will now come out when users start to put them to the test. A lot of the technologies that go into ‘new’ phones are from previous models with a few small upgrades like a bigger screen or higher resolution camera. Unless you are extremely tech-savvy it is unlikely you will notice any major technical changes so buying an older and thus cheaper model is not actually a bad thing as the bugs have already been worked out.

Now get out there and look for your next phone!